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We aim to make our customers more successful by providing company information solutions that help:


- improve efficiency

- grow revenue

- mitigate risk

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Mitigate risk and grow your business

When you need to understand the companies in your ecosystem, you’ll benefit from a certain approach.

Whether it’s the financial strength and longevity of your suppliers, your clients’ ability to pay, complying with regulations, protecting your reputation, or understanding new and existing markets, more certainty is always welcome.

We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency. Using our solutions, you can interpret data quickly, and help automate and centralise much of your research.

There are lots of ways we’re helping companies with their information goals. To help you understand how we can help you, we offer free trials and a very consultative approach.

Contact us to find out how we’re helping thousands of companies mitigate risk, create growth and reach new levels of efficiency.

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Our solutions

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Compliance and reputation management

With comprehensive global coverage, the richest source of beneficial ownership data available, plus information on PEPs and Sanctions, we are the resource for compliance and on-boarding checks.

We help you assess whole corporate groups quickly, and monitor companies for changes. You can customise all analyses to your own risk appetite.

Financial and credit risk

Our standardised financials help you assess and benchmark companies globally. We offer financial strength metrics using a range of models, and include a qualitative score when detailed financials aren’t available. We have projected financials and extensive corporate structures, so you can assess the complete group – and take the financial stability of the parent into account.

Tax and transfer pricing strategies

We combine our comprehensive company information with transfer pricing functionality so you can plan, set policies, manage risk and document your compliance processes, to help you with the full TP analysis process. You can also fine-tune your policies, create robust audit-defense analysis and prepare TP documentation. We've created a full document management system to help with BEPS and country-by-country (CbC) reporting requirements that will make you more efficient.

Business development and strategy

Our extensive global and regional company information is the ideal source to research new markets and industries, understand the M&A landscape and foreign and direct investment.

You can blend our data with yours to refresh and enrich your CRMs and other internal databases. Our unique company identifiers, and bespoke matching/de-duping services, can help you create links between disparate datasets across your organisation and create single views from data silos.

Orbis – powering the business of certainty

OrbisOrbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. Orbis is all about helping you find the right information quickly and then helping you make better decisions based on your research. The fact that Orbis provides standardised information means you can search for, and compare, companies across the globe using just one tool.

  • Over 280 million companies: all countries globally
  • Compare companies wherever they are in the world
  • Access the richest, most reliable private company information on the market
  • Benefit from information captured from 160 providers
  • Search globally using comparable data
  • Build precise searches
  • Access related M&A deals and rumours
  • Get a quick, thorough understanding of corporate structures and hierarchies
  • Take advantage of our financial strength metrics
  • Use qualitative scores to help improve the accuracy of your financial strength assessments
  • Enjoy an enhanced user experience with our new interface

The business of certainty

At Bureau van Dijk we’re in the business of certainty. Leaders in informing business decisions, we are committed to capturing and treating the right data to deliver the richest, most reliable private company information on the market. Our solutions add value and make a tangible impact on your business by providing you with access to the precise, standardised information on private companies and corporate structures that you need to confidently and quickly make the most informed decisions possible. We give you more than mere “data”, we offer you a greater level of certainty.

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Orbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies.

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