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Free webinar: How much capital is enough? What do we know post financial crisis?

Regulators globally are imposing higher and higher capital requirements on banks. The financial crisis began almost a decade ago but many banks are still battling to survive in low growth and low interest rate environments. In trying to evaluate the credit standing of banks in different markets - what are the lessons to be drawn? How much capital is enough? Sign up for our free webinar now.

Date: Mar 11, 2017 Venue: Online

Free webinar: Beneficial ownership - have you got it right?

What does it really mean to identify, validate, and monitor companies and their owners? Do you need to redefine your risk-based approach?

Date: Jun 28, 2017 Venue: Online

Free webinar: The role of company financial data in identifying financial crime

Learn how financial data and corporate structures can be used to mitigate risk.

Date: Aug 2, 2017 Venue: Online

Free webinar: How to get entity, hierarchy and relationship data right

We’re a panelist on this webinar, hosted by Data Management Review. We’re discussing the requirement for entity, hierarchy and relationship data, how to source complex data and how to manage and maintain the data to best effect.

Date: Oct 12, 2017 Venue: Online

Free webinar: Channeling big data through RegTech

With the sheer volume of data growing exponentially and the RegTech landscape continuously changing, how do you eliminate reliance on manual processes and integrate next generation technology into internal processes in a smart way?

Date: Oct 26, 2017 Venue: Online

SIDO Best Practices and Training Forum 2017

We're a sponsor of SIDO, a U.S. organization dedicated to supporting state international trade agencies.

Date: Dec 12, 2017 Venue: Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV

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