We're experts in company information.

Our strength is in combining data sources and creating links between them. We supplement, and link, the corporate ownership and contact information we receive from our IPs with our own research, and integrate our own M&A data, creating reciprocal links between deals and company financials.

We have extensive coverage of private companies, detailed company hierarchies, standardised financial reports so you can compare companies across borders plus financial strength metrics to assess financial viability of companies. Increasingly our customers blend our detailed data with their own to get insight on their customers and suppliers to assess risk and from a business development perspective.

These are some of our areas of expertise:

Private Companies
We have detailed information on listed companies, but our private company coverage is unrivalled. Over 99% of the companies we have information for are privately owned. We have global, regional and national coverage.

Listed Companies
We have information on over 70,000 listed and major unlisted and delisted companies worldwide.

M&A Deals and Rumors
Zephyr has information on deals and rumors, with editorial, for deals worldwide.

Proprietary BvD Information

M&A Deals
Our teams of researchers and journalists monitor deal activity worldwide. We collect information on deals and rumors and create links to the financial information within our products.

Corporate ownership information and company hierarchies
Our corporate ownership information is becoming increasingly important to our customers’ research processes. When we were initially developing our international products, it became clear that there was no viable source of pan-European, or international, company ownership information. We decided to merge and link the information from our IPs, and complement this with our own research.

This has now become an important part of our offering and a significant operation. Our bespoke research includes many sources such as local stock exchanges, newswires, companies’ reports and accounts and direct contact with the companies themselves. We show very detailed, direct and indirect, ownership information, a company’s level of independence in relation to its shareholders plus the global and domestic ultimate owners. Our company hierarchies are widely used across a number of business functions and particularly valuable for anti-money laundering to research beneficial ownership.

Company overviews
We have proprietary research on companies’ activities, history, the countries they operate in and their main products and services, for approaching one million companies around the world.

Company Overviews
We have proprietary research on companies’ activities, history, the countries they operate in and their main products and services, for approximately one million companies around the world.

Directors and Contacts
We research and supplement information on the contacts we get from our information providers - directors, executives, shareholders and advisors - to create a global database of individuals associated with companies.

Financial strength metrics
Provided by six independent companies, all experts in their fields, we have models that have been designed to work with our data to help you assess financial strength and probability of default.

Customization and Integration

We offer a number of options to help you integrate your systems and data with our products, and customize how you use them. These range from simple Add-Ins that help with tailored analysis, to accessing our Webservices architecture for customization. We offer advice and support at all stages.

Our Catalysts increase the efficiency of our products for specific applications. They're tailored to your business challenges and help you get to the right data for your projects in the format you need it.

BvD Custom
We have a dedicated team of experts ready to create a completely customised solution for your business.