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15 June 2017

7 highly targeted searches you can do on Mint to improve efficiency

Louise Green

Sales and marketing professionals know just how competitive the ongoing hunt is to find and convert new prospects – or keep existing customers happy and engaged. In fact, without having an extra edge, it can be very difficult, if not next to impossible, to capture and hold onto even a small share of your specific market.

That's where we can help – Bureau van Dijk's database solutions can give you the information and tactical tools you need to help you find, hone in on and effectively target those opportunities that have the best odds of turning into conversions, and eventually steady, loyal customers.

Mint – our sales and marketing database solution – is available in a global version or, depending on your location and needs, as national and regional databases. Offering broad, deep, rich and structured information, Mint opens the door to a huge range of search criteria, which you can mine strategically to find viable new prospects.

Mint lets you perform complex and laser-focused searches

Sometimes it can pay to get creative when looking to uncover potential new customers that might be uniquely receptive to your marketing proposal, products or services. Creativity can also help in making sure that your offerings continue to appeal to your existing clients.

Mint can help with all of this by giving you the ability to ask some multi-layered, highly targeted and sometimes unexpected questions when you search for new opportunities.

Here are 7 examples of the types of specific, and sometimes creative, searches you can do on Mint – you can search by:

1. Certain characteristics of a company's corporate group

If, for example, you think that your multi-lingual digital technical agency would be ideally suited to meet the intranet or publishing needs of companies with employees and clienteles who speak French, Spanish, Italian and English, it would make sense to do a search looking for IT companies that have all of the following:

  • Headquarters in the United Kingdom
  • Subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and France
  • More than 10 employees

2. The specific technologies that companies use in their businesses

As a medium- to large-scale IT reseller or vendor who specialises in selling and servicing certain specific types of software, you could perform a search looking for companies that, for instance, have more than $10 million in turnover and who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

3. Upcoming company or individual birthdays/anniversaries

  • For those sales and marketing professionals who want to enhance your hospitality efforts by wishing a special happy birthday to a company's director or happy anniversary to a company, you could have Mint pinpoint for you:
  • Directors, at companies with $20 million turnover, who will soon be celebrating their 50th birthdays
    Companies with £25 million turnover that are approaching their 15th anniversaries

4. Financial line items

While this may not be a particularly unusual search, if you're interested in targeting prospects in the leasing or invoice finance fields, you might find it extremely valuable to be able to conduct searches that, for instance, identify companies based on their shareholder funds or on whether they're cash-poor but growing fast.

5. What specific products or goods a company imports

If you're a logistics company, based in the South of England, that's mastered a particular technique for facilitating certain aspects of the import/export trade in DIY tools, then you might want to use Mint to search for companies that:

  • Are located in Southampton
  • Imported screwdrivers from outside the EU in the last 12 months

6. The types and numbers of vehicles that companies possess

For businesses that lease automobiles, or perhaps for car insurance companies looking to expand their corporate clientele, Mint allows you to set up incredibly targeted searches to capitalise on your expertise. You can, for instance, look for companies:

  • Within a 20-mile radius
  • That have a minimum of 3 leased vehicles

7. Customised variables based on your own internal criteria

In some cases, you might have a product or service to promote that is so specific, unusual or specialised that the best way to maximise its potential client base may involve creating a set of "custom criteria". We can help you set that up in Mint, by grouping together specific variables to create custom fields, which are searchable. One example of this type of bespoke search could involve identifying companies in the sales territory of a particular individual with UK postcodes RH, BN, ME, TN and CT.

Mint introductory video

Take a look at this video to gain a greater understanding of what Mint can offer you. Although this video uses Mint UK as its main example, all the other regional Mint databases work the same way and offer the same tools as Mint UK.

Louise Green

Louise Green, Managing Director, Marketing and Communications

Louise is twice winner of the Women in Data and Technology Awards ‘Reference Data Professional of the Year’. She leads Bureau van Dijk’s global band, marketing and events team.

Louise is twice winner of the Women in Data and Technology Awards ‘Reference Data Professional of the Year’. She leads Bureau van Dijk’s global band, marketing and events team.

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