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29 July 2014

New approaches "needed for B2B sales and marketing success"

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The current economic climate means new approaches are required for success in business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing.

This is according to Ian Dainty, head of Maximize Business Marketing, who has claimed the "old ways" in this space are no longer relevant.

Writing for Business 2 Community, he said that while the global economy is now beginning to move back towards prosperity, the impact of the financial crisis can be still be felt.

The industry expert claimed the effects of the downturn have thrown up a number of challenges for B2B sales and marketing professionals. These include increased competition, clients expecting more demanding 'custom-made' solutions and being less loyal.

In order to overcome these obstacles, he said it's key for B2B sales and marketing professionals to ensure they deliver value at all times. This can be achieved by providing value in areas the client may not expect and by working hard to earn their trust, the marketing expert stated.

However, while Mr Dainty sees adapting new approaches to meet the challenges thrown up by the economic situation as important, he claimed being people-focused is the one fundamental marketers and sales professionals need to get right.

"The old ways don’t work anymore. But, there is one old axiom that does still work. People are still people, and if you have been approaching people all along, with the principles of B2B marketing and sales, then you will keep succeeding," he stated.

A recent survey has suggested one way businesses in this space can improve is by ensuring their sales professionals are well prepared and given access to important business intelligence ahead of crucial meetings.

In a poll carried out by Corporate Visions, it was revealed that a surprisingly high number of B2B sales reps think they go into important client conversations feeling unprepared. For example, only half of respondents said they feel ready for 'opportunity' creation discussions, despite the fact 40 per cent see these client interactions as a high priority.

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