Bureau van Dijk win at the Marketing Excellence Awards

We are delighted to announce that Bureau van Dijk brought home bronze in the category of Excellence in B2B Marketing at Singapore's Marketing Excellence Awards for its efforts in compliance.

Picturing Paradise: ownership structures and the Paradise Papers

Ted Datta looks at the Paradise Papers and shows how access to the right resources can help you visualize some of the corporate ownership structures referenced in the story.

How corporate ownership data can help you respond to FinCEN's advisory on corruption in Venezuela

Following FinCEN's "Advisory on Widespread Public Corruption in Venezuela", we show how navigating corporate ownership structures can help with identifying and monitoring SOEs.

Understanding the economic impact of targeted sanctions - A video with the US State Department's Dr. Daniel P. Ahn

Dr. Daniel P. Ahn, from the US Department of State, explains how he used Orbis's extensive, rich and treated information to help understand the economic impact of targeted sanctions.

Guest blog: How beneficial ownership can add crucial context to suspicious activity identification

As the fight against money laundering and counter-terrorist financing continues to evolve and more external data sources are being integrated with compliance systems, guest blogger Keith Furst examines the ways in which beneficial ownership adds context to these efforts. 

A data-first approach to addressing financial crime – a brief video Q&A with Anthony Cosgrove from Harbr

In a brief Q&A video session Anthony Cosgrove MBE, co-founder of Harbr, explains why he thinks that a data-first approach that takes advantage of a cloud-based methodology for securing data is the way to improve businesses’ and regulators’ responses to financial crime. 

How can Compliance Catalyst help you streamline your activities as your business grows? - Jonathan Wright from Clyde & Company LLP explains in a short video

In this second video from our AML4 and sanctions forum, Clyde & Co LLP's Jonathan Wright talks about how using Compliance Catalyst to streamline his company's compliance processes has helped support its growth.

Guest blog: 14 more follow-up Q&As from Bureau van Dijk's financial crime webinar

Detailed answers to the second batch of questions we didn't have time to address on the day of our recent financial crime webinar

"Operating in good faith": an interview with Michael Volkov, former federal prosecutor and beneficial ownership expert

An interview with Michael Volkov, former federal prosecutor and beneficial ownership expert about his work, his advice and his use of Bureau van Dijk's compliance products.

Guest blog: 16 follow-up Q&As from Bureau van Dijk's Financial Crime Webinar

Last month I joined Qing Liu as a panelist on Bureau van Dijk's webinar, The role of company financial data in identifying financial crime.

In our hour-long session, we examined the trends of financial crime over time and shared some perspectives on the challenges we face today. We also drew on case studies to show how the use of financial data and corporate ownership structures can be used to minimize financial crime and mitigate risk – and the webinar is now free to view on-demand.

Live on the day we answered a stack of questions from our worldwide audience of compliance professionals. But many more were submitted that we didn't get a chance to answer. They were too good to ignore, so I offered to answer as many as I could in two guest blog posts.

Noting that these are my personal views, here's the first batch on anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorism financing (CTF). Next week I'll post a follow-up on your questions around typology.

You're welcome to contact me for clarification at nicholas.mctaggart@murinbin.com.

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