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7 November 2019

Compliance Catalyst 2 is a game changer for KYC and third-party due diligence

Compliance Catalyst 2 isn’t just an update. It’s a complete rebuild of our popular risk management platform. And it’s available now.

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What does it do?

Compliance Catalyst 2 is a powerful, data-driven decision engine that helps you analyze, assess and monitor your third parties. It streamlines your research including:

  • know-your-customer (KYC)
  • anti-money laundering (AML)
  • anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC)

You can get an instant KYC company report and risk preview via intuitive dashboards with enhanced alerts that are easier to dismiss in bulk.

Compliance Catalyst 2 stands apart because nothing else combines data, technology and people power in a single platform. It’s powered by our Orbis database which covers more than 315 million entities. Orbis is the world’s most powerful data resource on private companies.

You’ll have access to information including:

  • corporate ownership structures and beneficial ownership
  • financial data and financial strength metrics
  • PEPs, sanctions and other watchlists
  • AML documentation and more

You can combine data from Orbis with your own data and data from your onboarding entities themselves. And we recently made enhancements to Orbis to help you analyze control and influence in an organization, regardless of ownership.


Why rebuild Compliance Catalyst?

A total interface redesign makes our Compliance Catalyst 2 more scalable for larger portfolios. It’s a modular approach to KYC and third-party due diligence processes that helps you build your own solutions — or use out-of-the-box models, ones that suit your specific risk profiles, straight away.

The enhanced modules help you with entity resolution and enrichment for more detailed, manual assessments of complex entities. You also have access to a new adverse media filter powered by machine learning.


When can you use Compliance Catalyst 2?

Compliance Catalyst 2 launched 1 November. You can register for your free trial now.


Who is it for?

With its intuitive and fast user experience, the new Compliance Catalyst is designed for experts and non-experts alike. You can batch upload entities and choose from light-touch assessments to “full works” analysis, ideal for both small and large portfolios.

"Compliance Catalyst has streamlined our customers' KYC and onboarding since it launched 8 years ago," says Bill Hauserman, senior director of compliance solutions at Bureau van Dijk. 

“With new Compliance Catalyst we’re addressing specific challenges created by the evolving environment. These include being more scalable, minimizing false positive results, and helping customers deal efficiently with the increasing numbers of alerts during the monitoring phase.”



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