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17 December 2015

New home for growing collection of BvD white papers

Content team

We've built a new page to house our growing collection of Bureau van Dijk-commissioned white papers. 
Our first two are already published and ready for you to download for free. One is on the challenge of beneficial ownership, a complex subject madewhite paper beneficial digestible. The other is a substantial tome on the world of private company information, which provides good background reading for anyone interested in how Bureau van Dijk and other data-gatherers operate across very different national filing landscapes.
We've scheduled numerous new white papers to look forward to throughout 2016 and beyond. The diverse body of work will provide in-depth discussions that should appeal to anyone who takes a methodical approach to assessing risk and business opportunities.
Produced with input from industry specialists, they'll generally present specific problems and evidence-based solutions relating to detailed information on companies, be it their financials, directorships, ownership structures or any number of the other contextualised and revealing metrics for which we collect data.
Next off the press is a discussion on the benefits of global credit risk standardisation, which will be available in January. This will be followed by the first of our many pieces on compliance.
You can register your interest in receiving white papers on topics of your choice on the new page. And if you have any ideas for future themes you'd like us to cover, feel free to contact us on Twitter @bureauvandijk, using the hashtag #BvDwhitepaperideas, or email [email protected].

Content team, Bureau van Dijk

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