Bureau van Dijk has a long history of providing business information solutions to academic institutions, and many of the world’s leading universities and business schools are part of our clientele. Our databases are comprehensive and detailed and offer historical data.

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Orbis, our flagship database, includes financial information, corporate structures and more on over 275 million companies. Financial reports are standardized to allow easy global comparisons, and users can search criteria to find companies with common characteristics. With extensive international coverage, of mostly private entities, Orbis is the definitive database of global companies.

Next generation interface now available

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Orbis, our flagship global company database, enters a new era. It is now available through our new state-of-the-art interface that is easy to use for students but also offers sophisticated functions for deep analysis and research. 

To see some of the changes we've made, watch our new Orbis video, read the reference guide, or preview the new Orbis.


If you're already a customer you might want to explore our international data, historical data service, M&A intelligence or economic indicators and forecasts.

As well as information for libraries and research projects, we also supply a number of academic institutions with information for their business functions including alumni and major corporate donor research and supplier risk management.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help your institution. Click the link at the top right or drop us a quick email with your questions. We understand the needs of academic institutions and have flexible packages to accommodate academic requirements. 

Please note we don't offer free trials to undergraduate students - please contact your library if you would like them to look into our products.

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