Our detailed, reliable information for third-party due diligence, AML and KYC compliance helps you minimise reputation damage and risk exposure.

We’re here to help you work more efficiently 

With more information on private companies than any other source, we can help you confirm a company’s identify fast. We also offer document ordering if you need more legal information or we don’t have a company’s record. 
We help you get to the data you need – such as beneficial ownership – fast and with helpful visualisation tools. We can help you automate much of your on-boarding processes and create annotated and date stamped documents. 

Compliance Catalyst is the ideal timesaver. Use it to identify initial risk and then automate your high-volume, low-risk checks, liberating your researchers’ time to assess higher risks. Compliance Catalyst will also monitor entities for you and alert you to changes.
Our entire premise is based on helping you make better decisions more efficiently.

Orbis is the world's most powerful comparable data resource on private companies 

Orbis, our global company database has information over 275 million companies across the globe and offers:
  • Beneficial owners
  • Unique identifiers
  • Extensive ownership structures – including controlling shareholders and the full corporate group
  • Standardised financials and financial strength metrics
  • Directors, managers and shareholders
  • Flags for state owned enterprises
  • Negative news
  • Flags for being awarded public tenders
  • Indirect links from companies to sanctioned entities.
  • PEPs and sanctions associated with companies and individuals 

Extensive ownership information 

We’re masters of ownership structures. Our corporate trees reveal the ownership of your potential and existing business partners and third-party associates, including the beneficial owners, so you can review their corporate group as a whole and check it for adverse news as well as PEPs and Sanctions. We can even show you indirect links from companies to sanctioned entities.

Beneficial ownership

If you're interested in beneficial ownership you're in the right place. We're leading the way in beneficial ownership identification. We can help you:

  • Quickly identify beneficial owners 
  • Set your own thresholds for ownership definition
  • Explore our extensive ownership structures with our dynamic visualisation tools 

Compliance Catalyst – a centralised, automated platform

Compliance Catalyst is a user-friendly platform that streamlines your compliance and due diligence work. It holds your data centrally, helps you blend your own data into your research, creates a workflow (or integrates with your existing workflow) and delivers robust reporting with full audit trail and annotations. Plus, it’s easy to implement and can be tailored to your risk profiles.


We can tailor Compliance Catalyst to suit your workflow and risk methodology, and integrate data from our products with your own information. We can even create you a completely customised solution. 

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Key benefits 

  • Analyse companies globally – we cover over 200 countries
  • Get beneficial ownership information fast 
  • Get official entity names 
  • Understand risk across a corporate group
  • Monitor companies for change and automatically trigger reviews
  • Work on one platform to view internal data and external insight, and create analyses and workflows
  • Integrate with other departments including supplier risk management 
  • Customise to your own risk appetite and environment
  • Interpret data quickly and make quick decisions on prioritisation 
  • Automate and centralise your research 
  • Get annotated reports with integrated documentation for your research archives 


Compliance content

Webinar on demand: Anti-corruption third-party due diligence and trade compliance

Anti-corruption webinar panelAnti-corruption regulatory scrutiny is expected to intensify in the US with the Panama Papers incident, particularly with respect to global ownership networks. During a recent webinar, we discussed how you can efficiently and effectively minimize third party risk in the current climate. Our panelists Michael Volkov, former federal prosecutor and Bureau van Dijk’s compliance specialists, Ted Datta (UK) and Bill Hauserman (Americas) cover:

  1. Why organizations still have a way to go to effectively manage third-party risk 
  2. Regulatory expectation for due diligence of all customers and business partners (third-parties)
  3. Implementing a reliable and scalable due diligence process that covers all third parties

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Topics include targeted "smart" sanctions, cross-border financial crime, sanctions compliance Q&As, getting to know your third parties and the challenges of beneficial ownership



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