Our corporate ownership database is an unrivalled collection of detailed company structures with links between them. It has global coverage and over 30 million links.

The information is collated from our information providers and supplemented by our own research via Stock Exchanges, newswires and by direct contact with companies.

Each link is date stamped and we indicate the source. We archive the information so you can look at it at a point in history to see how it’s changed. You can also filter it by type and level of subsidiary.

You can find out:

  • Direct and indirect ownership
  • Controlling interest
  • Global and domestic ultimate owners
  • All companies with the same parent
  • Beneficial owners
You can adjust your definition of ownership,down to 10%, so our products are compatible with your in-house guidelines and FATCA regulations. Using our products you can use either a 'top down' or 'bottom up' approach to your calculations of beneficial ownership. 

You can view the ownership in tree diagrams, including a specific diagram of the path from your subject company to the beneficial owner. 

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