We provide detailed information on companies. As well as financials, addresses and directors, we provide extensive corporate ownership structures. This means you can research the beneficial owner/controlling interest quickly and accurately.

  • Choose your own definition of beneficial ownership - we offer flexibility so you can adjust your searches according to your in-house regulations, the context of your research and to comply with FATCA regulation
  • Identify all companies with the same parent as your subject company
  • View ownership structures in tree diagrams
Compliance Catalyst is a purpose-built platform for client on-boarding and AML/KYC/CDD research. It offers customized analysis for risk assessment and documentation for on-boarding and AML processes. Compliance Catalyst combines our extensive corporate group structures with PEP and Sanction intelligence from WorldCompliance. 

Define your own risk model and Compliance Catalyst will calculate the risk associated with a company, and its group. 

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