With information on over 275 million public and private companies, Bureau van Dijk is the resource for company information.

With our data, you can get a truly global view of companies - and how they are connected - to more quickly, accurately and confidently accomplish your investigations.

We excel in providing difficult-to-obtain data on hard-to-find companies: More than 99% of companies in our flagship database, Orbis, are private entities. We also provide valuable insight into the structure of companies and who owns them. Our data includes company hierarchies for over 30 million companies and over 40 million active ownership links.

Bureau van Dijk’s extensive coverage of corporate hierarchies coupled with our leading private company information, enables agencies to save research man-hours, reduce compliance risk, grow economies and act with more certainty.

Our information includes:

  • What companies do – including business activities, detailed company descriptions and industry codes – and how they’re performing
  • Decision makers, persons of influence and their affiliations
  • Financial strength indicators and other financial data
  • Legal entity details, such as tax IDs, VAT and other unique identifiers
  • Extensive corporate structures and ownership data
  • M&A activity and news

Our company information solutions offer both international and domestic data. Learn more about how Bureau van Dijk helps local and federal government departments:

Intelligence and law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies and intelligence communities use our market-leading business intelligence to identify, verify and link companies and individuals involved in trans-national business activities. We are a leader in entity and beneficial ownership identification.

Use our data to discover how companies are connected or to identify shareholders and beneficial owners. Our coverage includes: information on more than 200 million companies, 40 million active ownership links and 300 million historic ownership links – more than any other information provider.

Read more on how Bureau van Dijk serves the law enforcement and intelligence communities.

Tax authorities – the tools to research comparable companies

More than 50 tax revenue departments around the globe use our solutions to research companies profit patterns and view them against comparable companies.

Learn why tax authorities rely on Bureau van Dijk for compliance, risk assessment, criminal investigations and more.

Read more about Bureau van Dijk for tax authorities.

Government procurement – strategic sourcing, supplier vetting and on-boarding, monitoring

Our company information helps you find new suppliers, verify their identities, run analyses across your supplier base and look at potential suppliers in detail.

Learn how Bureau van Dijk helps mitigate your supplier risk with our supplier market intelligence.

Economic development - federal and local

When evaluating investors and investments, or to learn how businesses are growing/declining in areas, investment promotion agencies and economic development organizations turn to Bureau van Dijk for our unrivaled company data.

Learn more about Bureau van Dijk for economic development agencies and organizations.

General company research

Our solutions are the best available for researching individual companies in detail and identifying companies with common traits. We can give you instant insight into a company’s links to other entities and individuals through corporate ownership structures.

We also have financial strength metrics, unique company identifiers, M&A deals and rumors, detailed financial data, descriptions on companies’ activities, data visualization tools and options for customization.

If you have a challenge that involves company information, we’d love to talk to you.

Send us a quick email with your questions or call 202-905-2079.

Bureau van Dijk, Government – US and Canada
Phone: 202-905-2079
Email: americas@bvdinfo.com
Address: 1140 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 770, Washington DC, 20036

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