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[Watch video] On-demand webinar: Practical Strategies for Managing BEPS Action 13 

Join our panel of transfer pricing experts as they discuss the impact of BEPS Action 13 and share insights on responding to the challenges it presents
  • Learn different strategies for managing the day-to-day aspects of TP compliance and documentation
  • Explore how MNEs are leveraging technology and the tools they are using to cope with the burden of BEPS Action 13's new documentation requirements

We help empower tax and transfer pricing:

  • compliance and documentation
  • risk management
  • planning
  • analysis
Equip yourself for the latest OECD challenges by using the most comprehensive source of global company information, inter-group loan transactions and licenscing agreements, for transfer pricing research. We provide coverage for over 275 million public and private companies across the globe, complete with extensive corporate ownership structures. And with complete financial information for over 25 million companies, you also get access to the most robust intelligence for benchmarking arm’s length TP policies

Comprehensive company intelligence combined with transfer pricing functionality 
Plan, set your policies, manage risk and document your compliance processes to help you with the full TP analysis process using TP Catalyst. Invaluable for feasibility and savings analyses you can also use TP Catalyst to fine tune your policies using live data, create robust audit-defense analysis and prepare TP documentation – or discreet portions of the process/documentation for incorporating into existing master files.

Our extensive coverage also means we can also help you monitor your global operations, and comply with country by country (CbC) reporting.

Using our solutions you can:
  • Streamline your processes and save time
  • Have greater control in managing transfer pricing risk
  • Manage your TP compliance in a cost-effective manner

NEW TP Catalyst Document Manager

Our new Document Manager is a workflow tool that delivers efficient, cost effective creation of consistent and transparent TP reports. It will completely streamline your document preparation, management and compliance, and save you a huge amount of time.

Upload your functional analyses, legal structure and benchmarks then pick your countries to instantly create your choice of documents including your: Master File, Local Files and CbC reports

TP Catalyst is extensively used by over 50 tax authorities across the globe for benchmarking, and all major advisory firms in ‘high scrutiny’ countries

Our information for transfer pricing is award winning...


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