TP Catalyst is a data and process driven tax analysis tool that helps you with compliance, risk management and planning. 

TP Catalyst is used by tax authorities globally and all major advisory firms in high scrutiny countries. You can  benefit from using the same platform with the same data. TP Catalyst offers you unrivalled, and reliable, comparable data on companies across the globe

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What business areas does TP Catalyst help with?

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Key datasets and tools

  • Comprehensive company information - public and private company data in comparable formats across 200 countries. We have detailed financial data on over 25 million companies across the globe. 
  • Industry research 
  • Corporate structures - the most comprehensive available and the most reliable way to confirm independence 
  • IBFD global library of TP legislation summaries
  • Lending margin data for intra-group finance
  • Royalty rate information for intra-group licensing of intangibles

How it helps you

TP Catalyst simplifies the execution of Transfer Pricing analyses, including profit and transaction-based analyses. Developed in conjunction with TP specialists, it streamlines processes, eliminates redundant steps and reduces data manipulation.

You can work with TP Catalyst using its straight-forward guided approach, or you can use the new Pro version to employ it in the same way as advisors.

TP Catalyst interfaces with our international company information products and with ktMINE’s royalty database to enhance their usability for transfer pricing analysis.

With TP Catalyst you can identify comparables, derive arm’s-length benchmarks, apply adjustments and produce documentation. Updating analyses year-on-year is simple - you can load prior-year analyses to produce updated benchmarks in seconds.

TP Catalyst also provides users with the most up-to-date regulatory information available in the market from the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD).

You can use TP Catalyst to produce analyses based on the following transfer pricing methodologies:


US IRC §482

Comparable Uncontrolled Price

Comparable Uncontrolled Transaction

Resale Minus Method

Modified Resale Price Method

Cost Plus Method

Modified Cost Plus Method

Transactional Net Margin Method

Comparable Profits Method

TP Catalyst Empowers You To:

· Monitor your international Transfer Pricing regime

· Identify areas of risk and opportunity within your international
  Transfer Pricing structure

· Prepare and update Transfer Pricing documentation for
  multiple tax jurisdictions

· Better defend your Transfer Pricing positions in audit situations

· Get better value from external tax advisors

TP Catalyst Means You Have:

· Greater control

· Reduced transfer pricing risk

· Superior efficiency in your transfer pricing management processes

· Access royalty information from ktMINE

· Access to transfer pricing documentation from IBFD

Intra-Group Loans

TP Catalyst also incorporates information from CUFTAnalytics, an intra-group finance specialist for transfer pricing analysis. TP Catalyst integrates CUFTAnalytics’ Lending Margin Matrix. 


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