Orbis Bank Focus is a new database of banks worldwide. The information is sourced by Bureau van Dijk from a combination of annual reports, information providers and regulatory sources.

Orbis Bank Focus currently contains detailed information on 43,000 banks (28,000 US and 15,000 Non-US), including 6 years’ history for listed banks and 4 years’ for unlisted.

What makes Orbis Bank Focus unique?

Orbis Bank Focus is a new approach to banking data. It has a completely new financial format that has been designed with Adeva Partners, experts in credit, risk and corporate finance, and includes more than 500 line items. And it includes a new set of ratios that’s structured using the CAMELS approach.

It provides ‘as reported’ financial items available both in English and local languages, local GAAP and IFRS formats whenever available. For example, the ‘as reported’ format for US banks includes more than 3,000 line items. It also covers new types of financial institutions such as US Credit Unions and integrates new data sets such as credit default swaps from Markit (CDS). The news is provided by FACTIVA (owned by Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal) via 32,000 sources in 28 languages covering nearly every country in the world.

Orbis Bank Focus offers the most detailed and contemporary financial format available and is ideal for cross-country comparison. It’s supported by a highly knowledgeable bank analysis team. It’s constantly updated with the latest accounting and regulatory disclosures, including:
  • Basel III CET1
  • transitional vs fully loaded regulatory capital ratios
  • total loss absorbing capacity
  • minimum requirement for own funds and eligible capital
  • net stable funding
  • holdco double leverage
  • market risk e.g. stress VaR, interest rate risk, FX risk
  • derivative netting and collateral
Annual report data is input with amounts tagged to figures in the source document, so it’s easy to trace figures back to source (this functionality also works within the Excel Add-in). All numbers are input separately - not as aggregated figures – for more accurate results.

Bureau van Dijk has been working on the Orbis Bank Focus project for a significant time, and sourced partners who can contribute to delivering a robust and contemporary solution. New templates have been developed by leading experts in training bank analysts from Adeva Partners. They have been created post financial crisis for more current research and analysis, and include the latest regulatory requirements (e.g. CET1, Leverage and LCR). Orbis Bank Focus will incorporate new disclosures as they are made available (e.g. TLAC, MREL, NSFR). The Orbis Bank Focus database will develop considerably throughout 2017 as more content is added and it’s delivered.

Bureau van Dijk is investing significant resources into making Orbis Bank Focus and it will have key data benefits over alternatives as it links with Bureau van Dijk’s other extensive and exclusive datasets including:
  • our renowned, comprehensive ownership structures
  • bank structures
  • directors
  • AML documents
You can access the information on Orbis Bank Focus via our usual interface, our Add-ins or via a data feed delivered by API or a custom flat file. So it can easily be incorporated into existing models and workflow tools.

What about data quality? 

Bureau van Dijk has applied more than 200 validation controls to the data. These controls are detailed in a document available on request (subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement). 

A quality management team checks data on an entity-by-entity basis and provides specialist technical assistance to the customer support and sales teams.

The templates, and all sourced data, are regularly reviewed and updated with the latest regulatory requirements.

How it helps you

Orbis Bank Focus helps you navigate and analyze bank data:

  • Access very detailed information on individual banks
  • Create benchmarking analyses comparing a bank against its peers
  • Search by hundreds of criteria
  • Refer to original filings using our library of scanned images
  • Illustrate financials with our easy-to create graphs
  • Get a quick view of a bank's financial status and exposure
  • Monitor banks using our alert system
  • Look at a bank's corporate structure in a tree diagram and find all companies with the same parent
  • Facilitate your on-boarding process with our AML/KYC document library on 6,000 banks
  • Use with our analysis tools, including Powerpoint and Excel Add-ins, and our specialist credit tool FACT for Basel compliance.
Orbis Bank Focus will shortly be available via Bureau van Dijk's new state-of-the art interface.

For more more information, download the Orbis Bank Focus brochure.