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Orbis M&A is the ultimate solution for searching and analyzing intelligence on global mergers and acquisitions. It contains M&A, IPO, private equity, and venture capital deals and rumors. No other M&A product adds more deals per year or links to such an extensive source of company information.

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Key benefits

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Key benefits

Orbis M&A has information on 2.2 million deals from 200 countries, with a 20-year or longer history in each location.

We indicate the original source of information about a deal or a rumor, and for more recent deals we include links to the actual source documents, when available, including press releases, SEC and other official filings, and news sources. Our researchers source information in over 45 languages to research deals and translate all deal information into English.

Extensive information on rumors

Orbis M&A has information on rumors as well as announced, withdrawn, and completed deals. You can track rumors and be alerted as more information becomes apparent or the deal status changes.

Emerging, and less transparent, markets

We have deep expertise in identifying and researching deals in countries where data is more difficult to source. Our language skills and local knowledge mean we can identify deals that aren’t covered by other databases.

Periodic editorial reports to enrich your knowledge

Our team of research analysts produce periodic reports focusing on specific jurisdictions/ industry sectors.

Track progress of deals and rumors with our flexible alerts

Our extensive and powerful alerts keep you up to date as deals progress. You can execute complex search strategies, and watch specific deals or companies for news and updates.

Integrated company financials

The deal reports on Orbis M&A include financial summaries, and link to more detailed financial information. You can also view extensive corporate structures and stock data for listed companies.

Fast, flexible software serves both novice and expert users

Orbis M&A software was designed to be intuitive for users of other Bureau van Dijk solutions, and provide an excellent user experience. Its single-entry point, and streamlined and default options for quick search alongside all functionalities, make it easy and efficient to learn and use.

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Powered by Orbis

Our robust deal reports are easy to interpret. The structure is as follows:

Deal overview

Headline, type, status, value and details of the target, acquiror, and vendor including country and activities plus regulatory bodies.

Deal structure and dates

Deal type and sub type, financing and method of payment, deal status with dates for the rumor, announcement and completion.

Deal values

Includes actual value, if disclosed, plus the equity value, enterprise value, a modelled enterprise value based on the company’s financials, total target value plus the native deal currency.

Pre- and post-deal target financials and multiples

When possible, we show data from the closest financial year end before the deal, plus post-deal financials. We show interim data for many listed companies. The financials include: consolidated and unconsolidated statements, when appropriate, target operating revenue, EBITDA, EBIT, profit before tax, profit after tax, total assets, shareholders’ funds, market capitalization and multiples for deal value, equity value, enterprise value, modelled enterprise value and total target value. For all multiples we provide the definition and explain our calculations.

Forward looking financials

In deals where listed companies are the target, Orbis M&A shows future deal multiples based on financial forecasts and earnings estimates provided by FactSet.

Deal stock prices

Deal-level stock data coverage includes the deal-level offer price, bid premium (at rumor date), and bid premium (at announced date). Furthermore, for all deals involving at least one listed entity as vendor, acquiror or target, Orbis M&A provides stock price information including the stock price three months prior to rumor, three months prior to announcement, one day prior to rumor and announcement, after completion, one week after completion, and one month after completion.

Deal comments and rationale

Our researchers consolidate information into one comprehensive deal commentary, presented chronologically. Additional information includes the structure, finance, and deal payment method plus references to regulatory or shareholder issues. The commentary is updated as the deal progresses. The strategic rationale behind the deal is highlighted via a quote when available.


When available for each counterparty, we provide advisor name, role, and location. If submitted, we also provide the first five professionals involved in the deal.


When available we show investment type, investor name, location, and professionals.

Angel and early-stage funding

We’re the chosen data partner of the European Business Angel Network (EBAN). EBAN supplies Orbis M&A with information on business angel and early-stage funding deals involving its members.

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Key functionality

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Key functionality

Advanced software to optimize the quality of your research.

Even the streamlined version of Orbis M&A offers plenty of flexibility to create tailored searches. The latest version includes options for more sophisticated searching and filtering. Searching by activity is very flexible so you can find deals in niche sectors. You can also bring in your own definitions for activity and geographical searching so Orbis M&A can be compatible with your own definitions.

Flexible reporting
Orbis M&A includes pre-defined reports with key data items, so you can look at relevant data quickly. You can create your own formats choosing from all data items on both the deal and each deal party.

Orbis M&A has pre-defined analysis options. You can also create your own league tables, segment groups of deals, and create various graphs to illustrate your analyses.

Web Add-Ins
Use our Excel and PowerPoint Add-Ins for more advanced analyses and presentations. You can create analysis templates in Excel and pull Orbis M&A data into them. You can create pitchbooks in PowerPoint and populate them with data from Orbis M&A and other internal and external data sources.

Alert system
Orbis M&A provides a sophisticated alert system, so you can watch rumors and deals as they move through the completion process and get deal intelligence sent directly to your inbox. You can set up alerts on sectors you’re interested in, types of transaction, companies, or advisors. We can send alerts to multiple recipients regardless of time zones. You can opt to have your alerts sent out as they develop or on periodic basis, even combining multiple alerts into a single email.

You can customize Orbis M&A in lots of ways. You can create your own analyses, through custom league tables and pivot analyses.

We provide entity valuations based on the specific stake takeover percentages and derive the Enterprise Value (EV) and also the pre- and post-deal multiples based on EV, turnover, sales, EBIT, EBITDA, net profit and more.