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Moody's Analytics BankFocus is the definitive solution for analyzing banks. It's a new approach to global banking data, combining renowned content from Bureau van Dijk and Moody's Investors Service, with expertise from Moody's Analytics

The result is a comprehensive banking database that you can use to identify, analyze and monitor banks and other financial institutions.

BankFocus offers you a range of access and analysis options including a contemporary interface and integrated workflow solutions.

Do like-for-like analysis on more banks than any other solution

BankFocus offers detailed, standardized reports and ratios for over 45,900 banks across the globe. For these banks, you can access:

  • standardized data for detailed like-for-like analysis
  • 'as reported' data
  • links to source filings, to see how data points are derived

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A range of formats

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A range of formats


  • The global standard format - 57 line items and 38 key ratios

Global detailed

  • Our flagship report for comparing banks globally - over 710 line items

National "as reported"

  • 61 templates with a high level of data, extending to over 7,000 line items
  • MIS, IFRS, Islamic bank and central bank templates

Regularly updated templates

BankFocus is supported by a highly knowledgeable bank analysis team, so its templates are regularly updated to reflect the latest accounting and regulatory disclosures, including:

  • Basel III CET1
  • Transitional vs fully loaded regulatory capital ratios
  • Total loss absorbing capacity
  • Minimum requirement for own funds and eligible capital
  • Net stable funding
  • Holdco double leverage
  • Market risk, e.g. stress VaR, interest rate risk, FX risk
  • Derivative netting and collateral

A combination of content and expertise

BankFocus is built from a legacy of expertise in bank data. Bureau van Dijk has been delivering information on banks since 1990.

BankFocus includes Moody’s Investors Service ‘as reported’ bank financials for rated banks.

Expertise from Moody's Analytics:

  • A new strategic focus to deliver the optimal solution for researching and analyzing banks
  • New operational processes, including extensive sourcing and quality controls

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Key benefits

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Key benefits

  • Get a comprehensive, portfolio-level view of a bank’s group exposure
  • Robust data for due diligence, AML research and compliance
  • Complementary information on banks including news, unique identifiers and original filings
  • Use the data from BankFocus to add clarity, depth and breadth to your work and increase efficiency by screening for banks or using the custom report builder
  • Market indicators and credit ratings including Credit Default Swap (CDS) information, market data and bank ratings from Moody's Investors Service - downloadable, Standard & Poor's, Fitch Ratings and Morningstar

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Quality is our priority

Providing our customers with the best quality data is our most important objective.

We have hundreds of validation controls for the data on BankFocus. A quality management team also checks the data on an entity-by-entity basis. The templates, as well as all sourced data, are regularly reviewed and updated with the latest regulatory requirements.


Customer success teams

Our dedicated team is in place to help you get the most out of BankFocus.

When you first join us, our new customer integration team will make sure you have all the necessary templates and custom variables set up.

And, once on board, our engagement team will continue to help you develop your use of BankFocus and its extensive analytical options.

Connect to a range of workflow tools

New contemporary add-ins

BankFocus includes enhanced, contemporary add-ins, which allows you to do dynamic analysis in Excel and PowerPoint.BankFocus add-ins

Using the add-ins, you can seamlessly populate templates using the data from BankFocus. View the data instantly using
your scoring models, analysis and presentation templates. You can even search for companies within Excel.

And, when BankFocus is updated, your templates automatically update too.

Bespoke data feeds

Get a bespoke data feed delivered via an API or a custom flat file to integrate BankFocus data into your existing models, credit rating and workflow tools.

BankFocus bespoke data feed infographic