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We aim to make governments and NGOs successful by providing company information solutions that help:

- improve efficiency

- develop economies

- mitigate financial and reputation risk

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How we help

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How we help

Intelligence and law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies and intelligence communities use our market-leading business intelligence to identify, verify and link companies and individuals involved in transnational business activities. We are a leader in entity and beneficial ownership identification.


Government agencies within the United States, Canada and abroad use our data solutions for:

  • Counter threat financing investigations
  • Counternarcotics
  • Counterintelligence
  • Counterproliferation
  • Customs / border security
  • Export enforcement
  • Procurement fraud investigations
  • Asset forfeiture

Tax authorities – the tool to research comparable companies

More than 50 tax revenue departments around the globe use our solutions to research companies' profit patterns and view them against comparable companies. We have the most comprehensive information available for transfer pricing research to make it easy for you to compare companies against each other.
From compliance and risk assessment to criminal investigations, tax authorities use our data solutions for:
  • Determining the probability of default
  • Investigating tax fraud and tax evasion
  • Selecting and prioritizing cases through tax risk assessments, audits and data analytics

Government procurement – strategic sourcing, supplier vetting and onboarding, monitoring

Our company information helps you find new suppliers, verify their identities, run analyses across your supplier base and look at potential suppliers in detail.
Leverage our procurement solutions to:
  • Understand acquisition risk and security
  • Take a closer look into supply chain with increased transparency
  • Mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse (OIG) (audit, inspections and investigations)
  • Check your SME mix
  • Verify compliance with single source regulations
  • Research beneficial ownership and know confidently who you’re doing business with
  • Check suppliers for adverse risk factors such as negative news or links to PEPs, sanctions or foreign governments
  • Understand suppliers’ corporate structures in detail
  • Get an immediate view on financial risk across your supplier base
  • Assess contractor risk

Economic development – federal and local

When evaluating investors and investments, or to learn how businesses are growing/declining in areas, investment promotion agencies and economic development organizations turn to Bureau van Dijk for our unrivaled company data.
Use our domestic and international data for foreign direct investment (FDI), business attraction, business retention, export assistance and more:
  • Prospect potential investments and improve lead generation as you obtain a deeper understanding of foreign markets
  • Understand the local and international activity of firms through mergers & acquisitions intelligence
  • Identify foreign-owned businesses in your market by tapping into detailed ownership structures
  • Profile active investors and potential international buyers
  • Analyze key markets and sectors in-depth to determine key players and optimal locations
  • Access company contact information, financials, industries and activities for due diligence and risk mitigation

General company research

With information on companies across the globe, our solutions are the best available for researching individual companies in detail and identifying companies with common traits.


We excel in company ownership structures and can give you instant insight into a company’s links to both other companies and individuals.


We also have financial strength metrics, unique company identifiers, M&A deals and rumors,  detailed financial data, descriptions on companies’ activities, data visualization tools and options for customization.



Information on individuals and private companies for intelligence services

  • Extensive information on individuals, the roles they hold, and the companies and people they’re connected to
  • Detailed information on private companies and who owns them
  • Flexible access including IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook plug-in and anonymous usage

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Navigation short description: Orbis is the world's most powerful comparable data resource on private companies with information on over 280 million companies across the globe. Orbis captures and blends data from more than 160 different sources and treats it so it's standardised and comparable. Using Orbis you can be certain of a lot more.

Orbis – powering the business of certainty

OrbisOrbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. Orbis is all about helping you find the right information quickly and then helping you make better decisions based on your research. The fact that Orbis provides standardized information means you can search for, and compare, companies across the globe using just one tool.

  • More than 400 million companies: all countries globally
  • Compare companies wherever they are in the world
  • Access the richest, most reliable private company information on the market
  • Benefit from information captured from 160 providers
  • Search globally using comparable data
  • Build precise searches
  • Access related M&A deals and rumors
  • Get a quick, thorough understanding of corporate structures and hierarchies
  • Take advantage of our financial strength metrics
  • Use qualitative scores to help improve the accuracy of your financial strength assessments
  • Enjoy an enhanced user experience with our new interface

Orbis data highlights

  • Unique identifiers
  • LEI and other official company numbers
  • Industry codes
  • Trade descriptions
  • Detailed company descriptions
  • Standardized financials
  • Projected financials
  • Financial strength metrics
  • Agency ratings
  • Original documents
  • Document ordering
  • PEPs and sanctions
  • Adverse news screening
  • Beneficial owners
  • Global and domestic ultimate owners
  • Corporate structures
  • Sanctioned by extension entities
  • ESG research
  • News, including negative news filter
  • Directors and managers
  • M&A deals and rumours
  • Patents and intellectual property
  • Royalty agreements
  • Industry research
  • Advisors
  • Marine vessels
  • Public tender associations
  • Public interest entities (PIEs)
  • AML documentation
  • Stock data and earnings estimates
  • Corporate actions
  • Cyber risk ratings

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Corporate ownership

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Masters of corporate ownership

Masters of corporate ownership

Knowing the people behind a company is becoming increasingly important for regulatory compliance, to counter financial crime and for reputation risk management. We have the most extensive corporate structures available and we even let you choose your definition of beneficial ownership.

Our ownership researchers:

  • Do 5 million edits per month 
  • Have created 1.2 billion ownership links
  • Have identified 150 million beneficial owners

Because we have such extensive ownership structures, we can really speed up your
research. Screen entire corporate groups for PEPs, sanctions and adverse news quickly and easily.

The business of certainty

At Bureau van Dijk we’re in the business of certainty. Leaders in informing business decisions, we are committed to capturing and treating the right data to deliver the richest, most reliable private company information on the market. Our solutions add value and make a tangible impact on your business by providing you with access to the precise, standardized information on private companies and corporate structures that you need to confidently and quickly make the most informed decisions possible. We give you more than mere “data”, we offer you a greater level of certainty.

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Featured products

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