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Business development and strategy

Company information for business development and strategy.
We offer the most powerful comparable data resource on private companies.

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We publish the best entity data. We capture and treat company information for better decision making and increased efficiency, so we’re ideally suited to help you grow your business - and deliver fantastic customer insight.

We deliver information on companies across the globe, and we have regional and national databases too.

Orbis, our global company database helps you search for, and compare, companies wherever they are in the world.

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Watch - Orbis for B2B sales intelligence

Watch our video to see how our B2B sales intelligence can help you:

  • find the best opportunities
  • create effective sales plans
  • understand your customers

Our products help you

  • Research new markets and regions to create business plans using facts. Enrich and refresh the information you hold on your customers and prospects – we can plug into any CRM and have a wide range of apps
  • Do credit screening on prospects to make sure you engage with customers who can pay you
  • Profile your customer base to identify your best customers’ core traits – and then find more like them
  • Find potential acquisition targets using very specific criteria, and analyze them in detail
  • Understand the M&A landscape and foreign and direct investment in your regions and markets
  • Harness our huge datasets and unique identifiers to help you with data management projects and master data management. We can help you create links between disparate datasets in your organization and create single views from data silos.

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Our solutions

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Get more out of your CRM – enrich and refresh your content with our company information solutions

CRM Data Integration diagram

We all recognize that your sales team isn’t the ideal resource to maintain an accurate CRM – and you want them to be out there selling rather than being administrators. By plugging in domestic or regional data to your CRM from one of our databases, you can seamlessly refresh and enrich your records so you can find the companies most likely to buy from you.

Our expert team makes this a very simple process – and at the same time they can help you resolve existing data issues by highlighting duplicate records and companies that are no longer in business. We can also help you harmonize different datasets across your business.

As well as getting more accurate live records, an integration project will also benefit you by pulling in additional information that will help your sales people sell, including activity codes, size criteria, growth figures, corporate group details and financial strength metrics.

    You can target companies who are:   And avoid companies that:
  • growing
  • don't look like they can pay you
  • solvent
  • are shrinking
  • in your sweet spot for size and maturity
  • have "risky" owners or managers
  • in the right industry
  • are the subject of negative news stories
  • under new management
  • look like they've just invested in something like your offering
  • have just hired one of your advocates
  • private equity backed and likely to have expansion plans

Discover how our data integration solutions can help to grow your business

Harness the power of corporate group information

We are masters of corporate ownership. Our products can help you understand complex corporate groups in seconds and show you:

  • where ultimate owners are based – globally and domestically, to help you find decision makers
  • if two companies/directors are linked to each other
  • a company’s “family” to help you find and track opportunities across corporate groups and linked companies

Strategic analysis and planning

With global, regional and domestic coverage, and comparable data, we provide the best solutions on the market for strategy and planning.

Our products can help you to:

Understand a new market or region
Our heat maps and pivot analyses give you instant visuals on the corporate landscape – by size, activity, location etc - wherever you’re researching.

Compare peer companies
Our software helps you identify peers and then runs sophisticated peer analyses for you.

Use alongside your Office tools
Our contemporary add-ins mean you can use our solutions to seamlessly populate your templates in Excel or PowerPoint.

Understand corporate ownership
Our Ownership Explorer tool helps you instantly visualize direct and indirect ownership. You can create filters and use colours to analyze structures, you can even plot a tree to highlight entities in low tax jurisdictions.

Strategic searching for business development

We make creating strategic searches easy. You can combine as many search steps as you would like to find companies with very specific profiles. Our simple-to-use software means you can start getting very clever, very quickly.

So, you can find companies:

    • with consistent growth rates
    • with new owners
    • that are private equity backed and likely to have expansion plans
    • with slowing growth or negative growth
    • that deliver very specific services or products

You can also use Boolean logic to create 'and'/'or' searches. 

And once you’ve identified a group of companies by your chosen profiles you can set alerts to see when new companies join your group.


Get sales triggers via sophisticated alerts

Our products will watch sets of companies for you and alert you to changes that may create, or remove, an opportunity for you. These include:

    • new financials filed
    • a change in management
    • a change in ownership or rumour of M&A activity
    • news about a company – you can filter for just negative news
    • a change in a company’s financial strength – positive or negative
    • an office move
    • a change of status (active/inactive/rescue plan etc)
    • that a company now fulfils, or no longer fulfils, a profile you’ve created

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Orbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies

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