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Compliance and financial crime

Compliance – KYC, anti-corruption and third-party due diligence

The most extensive company information and corporate structures combined with sanctions and other adverse data that delivers new levels of certainty on your third parties, and the individuals behind them.

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What is new Compliance Catalyst?

Your data, the best entity data powered by Orbis, and smarter due diligence screening powered by Grid. Compliance Catalyst offers flexible due diligence screening – both automated and enhanced. It’s a game changer, because nothing else combines data, technology and people power in a single platform.

It streamlines your know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and anti-bribery and corruption (ABAC) research, and makes your client onboarding and customer due diligence more efficient.

Our new, enhanced Compliance Catalyst is a complete risk platform. It’s scalable, fast and includes a range of modules so you can build your own solution.

It runs entities and individuals through a series of checks that you can audit and automate to help you identify risk quickly. Get started straightaway with our out-of-the-box models, or configure models to suit your risk profiles and appetite.

Compliance Catalyst is powered by the Orbis entity database. It also includes curated risk data from Grid, a risk database of adverse media, sanctions, watchlists and PEPs.

Alongside this you can combine your own data, and data from your customers, into your analyses. For more complex entities you can push research directly to an integrated and enhanced due diligence service.

Compliance Catalyst process

Smarter screening with Review

Review logo

Review screens and monitors individuals and entities, according to your risk profiles and appetite, to help you make fast and reliable decisions on who you should do business with.

Review is powered by our comprehensive database of risk profiles and events, Grid. Review combines data, technology and people power for precise results and a significant reduction in false positives hits.

Review combines sophisticated name matching technology with advanced search filters and customization, to optimize the identification of relevant risk.

Flexible alert processing solutions include a managed option via our team of expert analysts, while our most advanced solution harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to automate alert processing with consistency and precision. 

What you need to know for sanctions compliance

Sanctions enforcement is at a decade high. We spoke with three compliance experts who share their top tips and considerations from banking, corporate and legal perspectives.

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Orbis offers the most extensive company information and corporate structures, combined with adverse data, to deliver new levels of certainty on your third parties. And you can create flexible alerts on these datasets to continue to monitor for risk and change.

Unique identifiers

These include the BvD ID numbers, local ID numbers, plus other recognized systems including LEIs and GIINs.

Corporate ownership structures and beneficial ownership

Our carefully sourced, treated and structured ownership data helps you learn more about the ownership structures of individual companies, as well as their corporate group. Where possible, information is date-stamped and the source indicated. You can see changes over time and archived ownership. You can also define beneficial ownership to be consistent with your internal or local regulatory requirements.

Individuals affiliated to companies

Orbis offers an extensive database of relevant people within or connected to companies, including: directors, advisors, auditors, board members and senior managers. We show their current and previous positions as well as their connections to other individuals in Orbis.

Financial data and financial strength metrics

Orbis’s standardized financials and financial models, show you financial viability and predictive indicators of a company’s financial strength.

News and adverse news filter

Orbis includes a huge range of news sources and algorithms to show stories with a negative sentiment. This is now powered by Moody’s Analytics Accelerator’s ML Fabric to harness the power of artificial intelligence to deliver the most relevant news stories and to reduce incidences of false positive news – across multiple languages.

Marine vessels

Track whether specific vessels appear on sanctions lists and how they are linked to entities.

Original documents

  • Locally filed “scanned images”
  • The ability to order copies of official business documents from around the world
  • PDFs of annual reports
  • Links to documents filed at registries

Other company information

  • Indications that an entity has been awarded a public tender
  • Legal status, date of incorporation, an entity’s industry and country/political regime
  • AML documents for financial institutions

Transparent trade

This white paper covers the latest thinking on beneficial ownership, power and control. Find out how beneficial ownership can differ from ‘control’, how recent changes in regulations are affecting due diligence and how company ownership data can help you protect your company.

Grid – the comprehensive data behind smarter screening

Grid logoGrid is a risk database of adverse media, sanctions, watchlists and PEPs. This comprehensive curation of risk information, and risk events, delivers relevant data in structured and detailed reports. 

Grid’s combination of data and categorization means you can filter content by risk type, risk stage and risk age, based on relevance and your own preferences.  

Grid contains over 3 billion media articles that are highly categorized by more than 50 risk codes and 30 risk stages. 

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Watch how new Compliance Catalyst works

This four-minute video shows you how new Compliance Catalyst can help you make better, faster decisions.

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How we help

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How we help

Our detailed, reliable information for third-party due diligence, AML and KYC compliance helps you minimize reputation damage and risk exposure. We can help you with compliance in the areas of the EU Directives, anti-money laundering, FATCA, OFAC and general reputation risk management and business partner due diligence.


We’re here to help you work more efficiently

With more information on private companies than any other source, we can help you confirm a company’s identity quickly. We also offer document ordering if you need more legal information or we don’t have a company’s record.

We help you get to the data you need – such as beneficial ownership – faster and with helpful visualization tools. We can help you automate much of your onboarding processes and create annotated and date-stamped documents.

Compliance Catalyst is the ideal timesaver. It helps you spot and escalate risk quickly so you can focus your resources on higher risk cases, or use our enhanced due diligence service to take a closer look. Compliance Catalyst will also monitor entities for you and alert you to changes and adverse news.

Our entire premise is based on helping you make better decisions more efficiently.


We help you monitor your portfolio

Our dashboards help you understand the status of your onboarding and processing of your third parties. Our alerts watch screened parties for changes, can be adapted for sensitivity and use machine learning to contextualize adverse news to help minimize false positive alerts. 


We improve accuracy

With information on more than 400 million companies across the globe, we’re the most reliable source for compliance research. Getting the correct entity match at the beginning of your research process is vital for accuracy and efficiency – by providing official entity names for so many organizations, we make this as straightforward and accurate as possible.

We also make 7,000 updates an hour to our ownership structures - certainty really is our aspiration.


We help you review corporate groups as a whole

Talk to our customers and they’ll tell you how valuable our corporate groups are. And they’re much more than lists of subsidiaries and shareholders, they’re dynamic lists that you can manipulate for your research.

You can use our products to define your thresholds for beneficial ownership, filter your structures based on jurisdictions, decipher circular and indirect ownership – and quickly assess a group as a whole for links to PEPs and sanctions.


We help you automate your processes, including:

  • confirming a company’s legal identity
  • fast risk screening to help you prioritize resources
  • assessing who owns them and other companies they’re linked to – even indirectly
  • identifying individuals who might be PEPs or sanctioned
  • assessing other risk such as country, political, financial and so on
  • triggering actions based on data points
  • monitoring your third parties for changes


We help you spot risk quickly

Our solutions help improve efficiency and automation – giving your analysts time to spend on more complex risk research. You can choose from light-touch assessments or “full works” analysis – and anything in between, with the flexibility to build the right solution for your portfolio and stakeholders. 

We can also help you do quick checks on FATCA and CRS qualifications so you can instantly see if you need to screen entities in more detail.

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Key benefits

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Key benefits

Assess and review companies more effectively

  • Analyze companies globally
  • Get beneficial ownership information fast
  • Get official entity names
  • Understand risk across a corporate group
  • Monitor companies for change and automatically trigger reviews
  • Work on one platform to view internal data and external information, and create analyses and workflows
  • Integrate with other departments including supplier risk management
  • Customize to your own risk appetite and environment
  • Interpret data quickly to make better decisions on prioritization
  • Automate and centralize your research
  • Get annotated reports with integrated documentation for your research archives

Awarded "Best Data Solution for KYC”

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Can you help me...

Do detailed research on entities for onboarding for compliance and third party due diligence?

We have detailed information on companies across the globe. We provide:

  • financial data
  • ownership information
  • details of associated individuals
  • applicable M&A deals and rumors, news, and an adverse news filter
  • flags for negative mentions on blogs and social media
  • financial strength metrics
  • country risk and status data
  • a range of identity numbers plus a host of associated data

Our ownership information is the most extensive available and we specialize in beneficial ownership. We can help you more than any other provider to do detailed research for third party onboarding, due diligence and KYC research.

Find out who owns a company and the beneficial owner(s)?

Our information comes from over 160 regulatory and non-regulatory sources – including specialist and regional information providers. Our own team appends and complements the ownership information from these sources using a variety of additional sources and techniques. The team makes 7,000 updates an hour. We really are the masters of ownership structures and experienced in identifying beneficial ownership. Using our solutions you can:

  • set your definition of beneficial ownership to be consistent with your internal or regulatory requirements
  • use either a ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’ approach to your research
  • view clear diagrams and structured paths from your subject company to the beneficial owner
  • get the source of information and date stamp
  • see both changes over time and an archive
  • set alerts for changes to beneficial ownership

Check for conflict or links between two entities

We can tell you if two organizations are linked – so you can quickly see if an onboarding subject is linked to an existing business party, a sanctioned entity or an entity you’ve already rejected.

Access original documents?

We provide many registry documents and reports and accounts within our Orbis database. We also offer a document ordering service where you can order documents not in Orbis, or even reports for companies not in Orbis.

Watch companies to make sure new factors don’t affect our position with them?

Our alerts are really flexible. You can set them to watch for changes across a range of data items, and choose how they’re delivered. So, you can be confident your entities are being monitored for you.

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