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Corporate credit risk

We offer the most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. Welcome to the business of certainty.

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We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency, so we’re ideally suited to help corporate credit professionals. 

Orbis, our global company database offers:

  • Standardized financials so you can assess companies globally
  • Financial strength metrics using a range of models and including a qualitative score for when detailed financials aren’t available 
  • Projected financials
  • Extensive corporate structure so you can assess the complete group – or take the financial stability of the parent into account 

Credit Catalyst is a platform where you can combine information from Orbis with your own knowledge of your customers and get dashboard views of your portfolio. 

Credit corporate risk analysis infographic

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How we help

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How we help

We’re here to help you work more efficiently

  • Optimize your information resources by blending your experience of your counterparties with our company information
  • Benefit from data that’s centralized, stored in the cloud and easily accessible
  • View information in dashboards that illustrate complex data in simple charts and graphs to give you an immediate understanding
  • Look at your portfolio, or individual counterparties, from different perspectives with our range of ‘views’
  • Create tailored scorecards to automatically rate companies - choose how to weigh different elements, set conditional parameters and include both quantitative and qualitative data to help you score and set credit limits
  • Tailor your own alerts to monitor specific changes and trigger workflow actions
  • Reduce data input to a minimum and cut out human error

We capture and treat company data for enhanced credit analysis

Credit Catalyst pulls relevant information from our extensive Orbis entity database. You can then combine this with your own knowledge of your counterparties to assess risk and make better decisions.

The information on Orbis comes from more than 170 partners, as well as hundreds of our own sources, around the world.

We then treat, append and standardize it to make it richer, more powerful and easier for you to interrogate.

So you can:

  • Confirm a company’s legal identity
  • Assess their financial risk
  • Set credit limits and payment terms

We help you spot risk quickly

Our dashboards give you an instant view of your portfolio, highlighting where your risk is. So you can focus your resources appropriately.

View transparent risk scores

You can create benchmark values, compare companies’ financial health and measure your own internal ratings against them. Variables include probability of default, propensity to become bankrupt, suggested credit limit, plus other predictive indicators and risk scores. There are three key scores:

Financial score

The financial score assesses the creditworthiness of a company, grading companies based on how well they can meet their financial commitments. It’s a probability of default model, based on the analysis of financial statements. It’s a through-the-cycle probability of default (TTC PD). The output is tied to the closing date of a set of accounts, it also analyses key financial ratios, which are scored independently. There are four categories:

  • Healthy companies
  • Adequate companies
  • Vulnerable companies
  • Risky companies

The model also includes the probability of default which reflects the degree of certainty (in quantitative terms) that the company will go into default in the next 18 to 24 months, a confidence level, and a recommended credit limit.

Qualitative score

Detailed financial data is simply not available for many companies so we also offer the qualitative score. This score measures the creditworthiness of a company based on non-financial information such as strength of shareholders, country specific risks, longevity of the company, legal form and sector-specific risks. The model also includes a confidence level and qualitative credit limit.

Reactive score

This adjusted score is created using modelling that’s been adapted to be more sensitive to the economic environment by taking specific sector and regional factors into account. It uses the financial score to reflect current creditworthiness with several quantitative variables, such as sector and macroeconomic factors, to forecast the financials of a company based on ‘impact scenarios’. These impact scenarios are reviewed regularly to offer a score that is more sensitive to market conditions.

Early warning credit indicators

Sourcing stories from a range of newswires and news aggregators, we then apply machine learning to create a new Sentiment Score based on negative news. This powerful application of AI is not only an efficient news filter, but also delivers valuable early warning indicators. Our research shows that credit sentiment scores increase, six to eight months before major credit events.

Fast, automated financial spreading – combining artificial intelligence and the human touch

Our new spreading tool harnesses the power of machine learning, combined with a human expert to check the output, for super-fast and accurate financial spreads.

Simply upload the financial data in pdf format and get the output delivered seamlessly either in your own ‘private Orbis zone’ or your Catalyst portfolio.

The company’s financials are spread into the standard Orbis financial format, so you can:

  • compare the company to all the others in your portfolio - and the Orbis database
  • get all the financial strength scores and metrics for your company
  • include the company in your risk assessments, scorecards and dashboards

This tool is powered by the award-winning QUIQspread™ from Moody’s Analytics. The tool works with Orbis, Credit Catalyst and Procurement Catalyst. It’s ideal if you have financials for a company in more detail than are available in Orbis, or a more recent version has been sent to you directly.

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Key benefits

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Key benefits

Assess and review companies more effectively

  • Compare and benchmark companies across industries and borders
  • Understand risk across a corporate group
  • Monitor companies for change and automatically trigger reviews
  • Work on one platform to view internal data and external insight, and create analyses and workflows
  • Integrate with other departments including supplier risk management and compliance
  • Customize to your own risk appetite and environment
  • Use transparent financial risk indicators with full documentation, access to formulae, underlying ratios and changes over time - so you can see the theory behind the recommendation
  • Interpret data quickly using a range of dashboards and graphs

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Featured products

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Products you may find interesting:

Orbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies

Empowering corporate credit risk management

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Can you help me...

Analyze private companies?

We have the most comprehensive information on private companies available. In many countries, financials for private companies are readily available. For other countries, we can usually provide financial summaries or other information to help you confirm a company exists.

We complement financial data with other information that can help you assess credit risk. This includes a qualitative score that evaluates companies on non-financial data and peer performance. We also provide ownership information so you can assess the holding company.

We have very detailed financial data for companies across the globe. We’re completely transparent about our coverage and you can trial our data to check it out for yourself.

Use my own internal models to analyze companies?

Credit Catalyst allows you to create your own models so your assessment is completely determined by you, your risk appetite and internal definitions.

Integrate information from Bureau van Dijk into my own systems?

Credit Catalyst makes it simple to blend your data with ours.


You can take data directly from Orbis into your in-house systems using web services. We have pre-existing apps for many credit systems already.


You can also take the analysis from Credit Catalyst into your own systems, and use your own Excel templates via our Excel Add-In. Contact us to find out more.

Assess probability of default?

Our financial strength models include probability of default and a confidence level.

Analyze small companies?

Depending on the filing requirements for a country we can have financial data even for small companies. Our range of complementary data will also help you assess a company – as will our qualitative scores that use non-financial and peer data to score a company. We recommend a free trial so you can test the data for yourself.