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Data management

Unique identifiers and bespoke matching/de-duping and data enhancing services to create links between disparate datasets across your organization and create single views from data silos.

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Effectively manage data management projects

We’re ideally placed to help you with your enterprise and MDM data projects.

We provide information on companies across the globe. Our unique identifiers and bespoke matching/de-duping and data enhancing services mean you can create links between disparate datasets across your organization and create single views from data silos.

Let us help you with your data lake and data warehouse projects.

We offer a wide range of data integration options, and apps, so you can seamlessly refresh, maintain and enrich your in-house data systems.

Content that you can use for your data enrichment projects includes detailed financials, financial strength data and other risk metrics, extensive corporate structures, B2B sales and marketing intelligence and company verification details.

Our solutions are ideal for general MDM projects as well as specific data needs around:

  • sales and marketing
  • credit and supplier risk
  • anti-money laundering, customer due diligence and onboarding

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Key benefits

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With Bureau van Dijk data fueling your MDM project you benefit from:

  • a comprehensive universe of company data, with unique identifiers, including excellent coverage of SMEs, and the definitive resource for company hierarchies and structures
  • expertise in delivering solutions across a wide range of data formats, and systems, including SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, credit solutions and other in-house systems
  • our own high-performance matching software – the crucial starting point in creating links between datasets
  • company financials in a standardized global format for assessing companies globally
  • flexible licensing models
  • a solution that is tailored for your project

Having access to our extensive corporate hierarchies can give you a powerful additional dimension to your data:

  • calculate global revenue at a corporate group level rather than individual contracts
  • calculate global spend, and exposure, by understanding supplier group structures
  • get a better understanding of opportunities for supplier negotiation, or sales revenue, across a group
  • assess group risk when reviewing your counterparties
  • enrich your own systems, such as your CRM, with corporate trees/structures
  • access the top company in a structure to identify where decisions are made
  • assess beneficial ownership as part of your due diligence to help protect your reputation

Having access to our standardized financial information helps you assess companies wherever they are in the world:

  • consistent format for balance sheet, profit and loss account and ratios
  • a range of financial strength metrics that are comparable across industries and regions
  • projected financials for added insight
  • access to source documents

Orbis data highlights

    • Unique identifiers
    • LEI and other official company numbers
    • Industry codes
    • Trade descriptions
    • Detailed company descriptions
    • Standardized financials
    • Projected financials
    • Financial strength metrics
    • Agency ratings
    • Original documents
    • Document ordering
    • PEPs and sanctions
    • Beneficial owners
    • Global and domestic ultimate owners
    • Corporate structures
    • ESG research
    • News, including negative news filter
    • Directors and managers
    • M&A deals and rumors
    • Patents and intellectual property
    • Trademarks
    • Royalty agreements
    • Industry research
    • Advisors
    • Marine vessels
    • Public tender associations
    • Public interest entities (PIEs)
    • AML documentation
    • Stock data and earnings estimates
    • Corporate actions

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