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Supplier risk management and procurement

We’re the leading supplier in market intelligence. We can help you:


- centralize and structure your data

- automate your risk processes

- analyze and spot risk quickly

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Our supplier market intelligence helps you manage your supplier risk and leverage your spending power.

We capture and treat private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency, so we’re ideally suited to help procurement professionals.

We bring your supplier data "to life" by enriching it with our content, and presenting it in simple dashboards, so you can interpret it quickly and work more efficiently.

Financial and reputation risk

We’re one of the leading publishers of company information and our expertise includes simple-to-interpret, and internationally comparable, financial information, risk scores, PEPs and sanctions lists and probability of default indicators.

Using company information for effective reputation risk management

Our solutions help you:

  • be more effective in your supplier selection and appraisals
  • see where your riskiest areas are
  • monitor changes to suppliers so you can be proactive in your risk management
  • screen suppliers against sanction lists for financial compliance
  • assess potential suppliers against your benchmarks
  • check suppliers against adverse news and reputation risk metrics

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Our solutions

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Use our solutions to give you more leverage and awareness

Procurement Catalyst enriches your supplier data with our market intelligence - so you have more understanding of your supplier portfolio, including:

  • "group spend analysis" so you can instantly see where you’re buying from multiple companies in the same group
  • "supplier dependency" so you can see your spend as a percentage of each supplier’s turnover
  • the distribution of your supplier base by location, size or financials – use our solutions to analyze your suppliers to help you make sure it’s balanced according to your risk parameters
  • the latest developments – we can monitor your suppliers for changes including adverse news, changes in ownership, financial weakness, changes in management and so on

Fast, automated financial spreading – combining artificial intelligence and the human touch

Our new spreading tool harnesses the power of machine learning, combined with a human expert to check the output, for super-fast and accurate financial spreads.

Simply upload the financial data in pdf format and get the output delivered seamlessly either in your own ‘private Orbis zone’ or your Catalyst portfolio.

The company’s financials are spread into the standard Orbis financial format, so you can:

  • compare the company to all the others in your portfolio - and the Orbis database
  • get all the financial strength scores and metrics for your company
  • include the company in your risk assessments, scorecards and dashboards

This tool is powered by the award-winning QUIQspread™ from Moody’s Analytics. The tool works with Orbis, Credit Catalyst and Procurement Catalyst. It’s ideal if you have financials for a company in more detail than are available in Orbis, or a more recent version has been sent to you directly.

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How we help

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How we help

We help you manage financial risk

Orbis, our global company database, offers:

  • Standardized financials so you can assess companies globally
  • Financial strength metrics using a range of models and including a qualitative score for when detailed financials aren’t available
  • Projected financials
  • Extensive corporate structures so you can assess the complete group – or take the financial stability of the parent into account

We help you monitor your portfolio

Using Procurement Catalyst you can see your portfolio in tailored dashboards so your risk landscape is easy to understand. You can also set tailored alerts to monitor your data for changes – such as new financial data available, or a change to one of our financial strength scores. And these alerts can trigger actions or reviews.

We improve accuracy

The information on Orbis comes from over 160 partners and we treat and append this data to enrich it.

We are passionate about data quality and rigor so we run lots of quality checks and tests.  We also help you reduce human error by automating and centralizing your data in our platform so there's no need for manual data and processes.

Our background is in information consultancy so data really is in our DNA. So, you can be confident that we’re doing all we can to provide you with the best data source.

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Navigation short description: Orbis is the world's most powerful comparable data resource on private companies with information on over 280 million companies across the globe. Orbis captures and blends data from more than 160 different sources and treats it so it's standardised and comparable. Using Orbis you can be certain of a lot more.

Orbis – powering the business of certainty

OrbisOrbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies. Orbis is all about helping you find the right information quickly and then helping you make better decisions based on your research. The fact that Orbis provides standardized information means you can search for, and compare, companies across the globe using just one tool.

  • More than 400 million companies: all countries globally
  • Compare companies wherever they are in the world
  • Access the richest, most reliable private company information on the market
  • Benefit from information captured from 160 providers
  • Search globally using comparable data
  • Build precise searches
  • Access related M&A deals and rumors
  • Get a quick, thorough understanding of corporate structures and hierarchies
  • Take advantage of our financial strength metrics
  • Use qualitative scores to help improve the accuracy of your financial strength assessments
  • Enjoy an enhanced user experience with our new interface

Smarter screening with Review

Review logo

Review screens and monitors individuals and entities, according to your risk profiles and appetite, to help you make fast and reliable decisions on who you should do business with.

Review is powered by our comprehensive database of risk profiles and events, Grid. Review combines data, technology and people power for precise results and a significant reduction in false positives hits.

Review combines sophisticated name matching technology with advanced search filters and customization, to optimize the identification of relevant risk.

Flexible alert processing solutions include a managed option via our team of expert analysts, while our most advanced solution harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to automate alert processing with consistency and precision. 

Grid – the comprehensive data behind smarter screening

Grid logoGrid is a risk database of adverse media, sanctions, watchlists and PEPs. This comprehensive curation of risk information, and risk events, delivers relevant data in structured and detailed reports. 

Grid’s combination of data and categorization means you can filter content by risk type, risk stage and risk age, based on relevance and your own preferences.  

Grid contains over 3 billion media articles that are highly categorized by more than 50 risk codes and 30 risk stages. 

Transparent trade

This white paper covers the latest thinking on beneficial ownership, power and control. Find out how beneficial ownership can differ from ‘control’, how recent changes in regulations are affecting due diligence and how company ownership data can help you protect your company.

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Orbis is the world’s most powerful comparable data resource on private companies

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