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Our background is company information, specifically private company information and company hierarchies. Our aim is to help our customers make better decisions and be more efficient. We’re now extending our offering into the intellectual property area.
By combining company information with extensive patent information, we can help you with your intellectual property management and strategy. 
Our new solution, Orbis Intellectual Property, now links global patent data to companies and corporate groups in a way that’s never been done before, saving you time and helping you make better quality decisions.

What we're doing

  1. Linking patents applicants (currently 110 million) to our vast universe of 275 million companies, so you can now see extensive patent portfolios for a company, and its corporate group. Providing an ownership timeline for all live patents so you can see how many transactions a given patent has had, and assess the trends and commercial appeal of a new technology.

  2. Tracking M&A transactions so you can monitor patent ownership changes when they’re sold as intangible assets in an M&A deal, as well as when a patent, or patent portfolio, is sold independently. You can also identify and analyse deals in specific sectors or industries.

  3. Identifying Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) so you can identify high-quality patents in a company’s portfolio, or see which companies own these “foundation technology” patents.

  4. Delivering portfolio and patent valuations for all granted live patents, and tracking valuation trends over time.


Orbis Intellectual Property will help you with patent analytics in the following areas:
  • patenting / innovation trends
  • patentability / novelty searches
  • technology landscapes
  • competitor benchmarking
  • whitespace analysis
  • patent commercialisation
  • portfolio management – filing and maintenance strategies
  • innovating sectors vs stagnant technologies
  • freedom to operate searches
  • standard essential patents
This unique, new way of combining high-quality datasets will give you a new level of clarity on a company’s innovation capability, priorities, positioning and patterns over time. You’ll be able to benchmark and measure how innovative companies are by region, technologies and other criteria, and our contemporary interface and data visualisation tools will help you interpret your research in seconds.


Orbis intellectual property data