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Orbis Crossborder Investment looks at globalisation via projects and deals, and delivers information on the companies behind these investments – both listed and private. It tracks information daily, and monitors announced, completed and cancelled/withdrawn projects and deals, as well as rumours and intentions.

These include:

  • Greenfield FDI projects – such as a company setting up (or expanding) a physical presence in a foreign market
  • Crossborder M&A deals – defined as having more than 10% foreign ownership and including acquisitions, mergers, demergers, joint ventures and minority stakes
And covering:
  • Details of the investor, acquirer or target companies including financial data, their structures and their people
  • Project size estimates, when data isn’t available
  • An indication of a company’s propensity to invest
  • Deal comments and rationale and linked deals/projects
  • Project financials, job creation, motives, incentives, sources of finance, comments, rationale, contacts and links to other relevant projects/deals


Government agencies (IPAs/EDOs):

  • Improve your lead generation
  • Identify target companies accurately
  • Profile active investors
  • Develop investment promotion strategies
  • Produce more in-depth analyses of key markets and sectors
  • Understand how companies are expanding
  • Enhance your marketing and support your public relations
  • Prepare for overseas investment missions
Consultants, advisors, banks and insurance companies:
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest crossborder investment trends
  • Validate recommendations and complement your analyses
  • Power your business development
  • Stay on top of investment news from existing clients
  • Improve your view on the key drivers of globalisation
Multilaterals and academics:
  • Identify emerging trends and analyse historic/ current trends - on multiple levels
  • Support your research, learning literature and white paper around the business of globalisation
  • Understand a company's crossborder investment strategy
  • Examine motives driving cross-border investment
  • Keep up-to-date with investment news from existing clients/customers/suppliers
  • Develop new business and increase your sales revenue
  • Inform investment strategy
  • Understand crossborder investment trends and identify new export markets
  • Acquire competitor and peer group intelligence