Our products are ideal for international and domestic research. We work with around a hundred information providers (IP) to create our products. Each of our IPs is an expert in its local market. And we’re always working on sourcing new IPs to increase our coverage.

We have both domestic and international products, and we have accounts in both local and standardised formats (plus local GAAP and IFRS formats).

We developed our own standardised format and its ideal to create cross-border searches and analyses: local formats ideal for deeper analysis of individual companies. In many countries we give access to filed documents as well.

Our products are available on unlimited subscription and pay per view credit accounts, so you can have ad hoc access to international/detailed domestic data when necessary.

We’ve also made it easier to search across borders by mapping local activity codes to international codes, and offering various currency and exchange rate options.

ZEPHYR, our deal database, is compiled by our in house, multi-lingual teams in the UK and Singapore. The researchers for the specific countries translate the deal information into English.

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