Individual customers

Our products can enrich your knowledge of your business customers. We have news, industry research, corporate structures, activities, M&A deals and rumours, financial strength indicators, detailed financials including growth trends and so on.

You can use this information to learn more about your customers, know when you should call them and find opportunities. Our alert system can watch companies for you and let you know when new information comes in.

You can seamlessly include data points from our products in your CRM system. So if you have limited information on a prospect we can help you understand much more about their business. And if you enrich your records with SIC codes, size, credit worthiness etc, you can make more accurate selections for campaigns.

Your customer base

You can match your customer base with our records on Mint.  Then you can look for patterns, find areas of success or weakness, profile your best customers and find more new prospects like them. Our products can show you the traits your top customers have in common. Punch these back into our search engine and you'll get more companies with similar profiles for more fruitful prospecting. 

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