Mint UK helps you find out more about businesses. It contains a wide range of high quality information covering companies, news, directors and industry research. We've just created a new version of Mint UK that's even slicker and quicker to use. 

Find out how it can make your sales and marketing teams more effective.

What information does Mint UK contain?

Mint UK has four modules: companies, news, industry research and directors and contains:

  • Information on companies and unincorporated businesses throughout the UK
  • Top level financial information – with detailed financial information as an option
  • Peer groups and comparisons
  • Graphs of key financials
  • Credit score and rating - with easy-to-interpret illustration
  • Google maps
  • Company structures and the corporate family
  • Shareholders, subsidiaries and branches
  • News articles from various high profile sources, plus a Web Watch facility to capture “real time” news
  • M&A activity and rumours
  • Contact information including directors and other key contacts
  • Industry research

Польза для Вас

  • You can build your own reports and lists that contain the right information for you
  • Your teams can access Mint from their mobiles to access company information when out and about
  • You can watch companies using our alerts
  • You can use Mint to help you with your sales and marketing projects:
    • find more companies in your territories
    • research new regions
    • find out more about a company before you approach it/pitch for business
    • prioritise your leads
    • build target lists of companies to approach
Mint even includes a mailing wizard to help you extract the right contact and address data for your database or mailing software. 

Mint UK can be integrated into your CRM system to enrich it or update it. We have an App for Salesforce.com to find new leads and update/enrich your existing contacts.

Mint UK has a brand new look....watch the video:



 The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)